Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ruaha the largest national park in East Africa is on the verge of death due to global warming.

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It is so sad to learn about a place you once knew it for it magnificent breath taking scenery, that things will fall apart soon. The great Ruaha what will become of you? "Its 20 years since this problem started and despite the huge sums spent on research, look where we are now!" I quote that from Ruaha National Park blog. The first time I read the post I was so excited that at last there is some one who cares. To my surprise  it is more than a month now and people are not responding about it. I wonder why people don't even comment and give out their ideas on what could be the possible solution to revive the once known Ruaha the Great River. Ruaha river is found within the 23,000 square kilometres Ruaha National Park. It is refered as the best kept secret of East Africa, may be this is why the bad condition of the river is also not know to many. I wish everyone who loves Tanzania know how the wildlife and the entire nation depends on Ruaha. I wrote this poem to see if it would help. Note that am not a poet forgive my poem if it is not that melodious. 

From right Ruaha as it should be 1996 and left it is dry 2005.

The Great Ruaha River, what will become of you?

Ooh Ruaha, my life source
I cry of you Ruaha the great
I can't stand and watch your death
I mourn before your death comes

You shower me with joy
You protect me from death
You provide me with food
I mourn before your death comes

Am hippo your best friend
I sing, dance, play and give birth
I will die without your existence
I mourn before your death comes

Am the jungle king lion
I hunt what so ever I like
But your death is my death
I mourn before your death comes

As mischievous as I can be
You are what I can't do without
Greetings from Mr. Monkey
I mourn before your death comes

Am giraffe, the majestic one
I walk in pride, your the reason
I bow to worship as I drink
I mourn before your death comes

You speed the cycle of rain
You cool the park with moist
Am afraid, the Sun will kill us
I mourn before your death comes

Global warming, global warming
An International song without respect
You sing without taking measures
What will become of me, Ruaha?

You cut down trees and don't plant
Cultivation is beside me as I speak
Mdonya and others don't reach me
I sit and wonder, what has happen?

Poor me, I love you all
I need your protection as well
Take care of me and I'll respond
Sincerely, Ruaha the great.

Would you be kind this time and share your views and ideas to protest Ruaha and regain it title the great river! kindly comment or email your views here tanzaniatravelclub@gmail.com or donate here at Ruaha National Park

you might like to know more about Ruaha river via Sue Stolberger and the park at Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA).

Please read a poem about Legendary the late Taarab artist Bi. Kidude here: Yalaiti Leo na Kesho peponi. (Today and tomorrow in heaven)


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