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10 ways to remember and honor legendary Bi. Kidude.

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Youthful Bi. Kidude

Bi Kidude in the making.

Yalaiti Leo na Kesho peponi. (Today and tomorrow in heaven)

Fatuma Binti Baraka, Bi Kidude
You have come of age and died
But I'll mourn you forever
What a lose of a legendary?

I mourn as I sing,
Mohogo wajamg'ombe
You had a melodious voice
Never will I forget

Zanzibar ooh Zanzibar
The land of your ancestors
Dhows brought in Taarab
You adopted and made it big

Since teenhood to old days
You kept up with music
All shortcoming and circumstances
couldn't ground you down

You are as Thatcher in music
Perhaps why you two are gone
Your were a power house
No doubt you'll be missed

Unyago needs a leader
And you were of such
Who will teach our girls?
Kopa and Bi Chau are crying

Tobacco has lost a market
Youngsters lost a featuring
Taarab will miss you crazily
Sauti za busara cries like a river

Tanzania can't forget your music
Your contribution in GDP
You played a role in tourism
We will always appreciate.

The world wants a monument
Generations will see you in museums
You are a story to be told always
Can't help but accept your lose

Farewell Bi Kidude,
farewell legendary
farewell iron lady
farewell Binti Baraka

The 10 stanzas are the ten ways to remember and honor legendary Bi. Kidude. I dare say it is a tragedy and a lose to Tanzania and the world at large for the lost of our dear legendary of Taarab music. As Thatcher goes to ground so as Bi  Kidude. Your music lead to increase of tourists in Tanzania, who came to see you performing in various occasions like Sauti Za Busara Festival. We are forever greatful to her contribution of Taarab music. R.I.P

Fatuma binti Baraka (aka Bi Kidude) was a Zanzibari Taarab singer. She is considered the undisputed queen of Taarab and Unyago music and is also a protégé of Siti binti Saad. Bi Kidude was born in the village of Mfagimaringo, she was the daughter of a coconut seller in colonial Zanzibar. Bi Kidude's exact date of birth is unknown, much of her life story is uncorroborated, giving her an almost mythical status.
In 2005 Bi Kidude received the prestigious WOMEX award for her outstanding contribution to music and culture in Zanzibar. She died on 17th April 2013. read more about Bi Kidude

Pay your respect to the late Bi Kidude by adding on stanzas or choosing what you think was the best stanta from the poem via comment box. Do you think she deserves a place in the National Museum? If so please be kind to argue with us also via comment box.

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