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Safari Lager Nyama Choma Competitions Mwanza Finals at Furahisha grounds 2013.

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Last week I post on top 16 seasonal activities and outing you don't wanna miss in Tanzania and Nyama Choma (barbecued meat) competitions was included. Now lets explore deeper on Nyama Choma Competitions 2013. This finals took place at Furahisha grounds in Mwanza. I was the number one fanny since I arrive earlier than most people ha ha ha ha!

One thing before we dig a little deeper with the festival, the sponsor is the number one best beer of 2013 in Africa by the Institute of brewing and Distilling Africa. So I call this a win win festival. Not promoting the beer but I guess by the time your in Tanzania you will give it a try. Congratulations to Safari lager Tanzania.

The final 5 Nyama Choma competing bar, pub and Hotel included:
In no particular order
1. Lunara Hotel from Nyakato

Lunara Hotel

2. AR Pub from Nyegezi

AR Pub

3. Victoria Princess from Kirumba

Victoria Princess Bar and Pub

4.Gemstone Pub Nyegezi

Gemstone Pub

5. Shooters bar from Kirumba

Shooters Pub.

Honestly the competiton was a very nice one  I enjoyed so much. There was a panel of three judges who had to inspect and judge the competitors to make sure things went well and accordingly to standards. 

An advice from the chief Judge on the left.

What about a plate of Nyama Choma? You can't avoid this because it's what I come for in the first place.

You are welcome, it's Halal.

Are you in need of a drink ?

What's your flavor?

Live music was so available to keep the rhythm in style. While you have to  enjoy Nyama Choma and a drink of your choice but mostly best beer in Africa Safari Lager, music had to make the beat go on and create a mood. 

Dance to the beats.

A competition without audience and or fans is as good as dead. But Nyama Choma Competition in Mwanza was parked with a blast.

Lets enjoy people.

And now the moment You have been waiting for, to know the winner. Here the chief judge had to announce the winner of Safari Lager Nyama Choma Competition in Mwanza 2013. Along side the guest of honor and Safari Lager brand manager. The winner is ........ Victoria Princess from Kirumba

Victoria Princess Chef  showing grand prize of Tshs 1,000,000

The joy of winning.
So are you planning for the next year season of Nyama Choma Competitions? You can still catch up with the competition in Arusha on 24th March 2013. But if its impossible worry out there is always next time. Winners from other regions of Mbeya and Dar es salaam are Saigon Pub and Titanic Bar from Vingunguti respectively.

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As the orgnanizers of 'The Nyama Choma Festival, a fully patented event property we would like to ask you to remove the association with Safari as their property is entirely different from ours. Please be sure to get all details when covering an event.

La Femme Guns!
You claim to be the rightful organizer of Nyama Choma Festival, that is
ok. But my concern is not to debate on who is the rightful owner much
less an organizer. We talk and discuss tourism here in Tanzania on this
blog. I think you should provide me and my readers your details with a
website or blog link. We will be delighted to learn that there are two
different Nyama Choma events in Tanzania as that will be an added
advantage. Thank you for an eye open that Tanzania has Nyama Choma
Competitions and Nyama Choma Festival. That is super cool with us since
we love Tanzania and events. Considering the competition is over here in
Mwanza we would love to know when is the Festival, we would love to
come and have great time.

Hi John and La Femme Guns! I would love to go to the festival since I missed the competitions. Please provide full details if possible the entire annual circle regional wise. I love Nyama Choma.

Jambo Tanzania! I managed to go through La femme Guns blog by clicking at her name on her comment and found out she runs to blogs 1. 2. But surprisingly she didn't bother to mention any of her claims. Very weird! I would like to come to the festival.

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