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10 popular global personalities on a Tanzania Safari

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In 2013 I posted about top 10 reasons to visit Tanzania, if you were not convinced this is the ultimate call to action. I went through different website to prepare a list of 10 global personalities who ever graced the majestic land of authentic wonders Tanzania. In one way or the other I believe there is at least one star you look up to from the list. May be this should trigger your safari appetite to visit Tanzania next year.
A.                Hollywood Celebrities
1.       Oprah Winfrey
On July 2013 Oprah and partner Stedman escaped to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania for exclusive game drives and wildlife sightings and the memorable hot air ballon ride. Read more......
It's Oprah world in Serengeti!

2.       Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel
Newly weeds should emulate Justin and Jessica’s taste and style by honeymooning in Tanzania just like them. Read more.......
Newlyweds Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake can be seen getting on a private plane at the Kilimanjaro International airport in Tanzania on October 21, 2012.
Credit: Splash News
3.       Terrence Jepkins
The think like a man star and E! News presenter visited Tanzania to “give back, learn new cultures and marvel at God’s work”. Read more.......
Live from mE! is this Terrence's Family? (photo: Belle Naija)

B.            World renowned athletes
4.       Lionel Messi
Selfie battle between Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi Turkish Airlines advert has it all. Take a look....
Uhuru Peak and Messi!

5.       Luis Figo leads Real Madrid stars to Tanzania
Football legends such as Luis Figo, Micheal Owen, Fernando Morientes , Fabio Cannavaro, Fernando Hierro, Reuben De la Red, Christian Karembeu, , Michel Salgado ,Steve Mcmannaman, Ruud van Nisterlooy, Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez ‘Guti’, and Fernando Redondo visited various Tanzania safari tourist sites like the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Mount Kilimanjaro and many more. Read more.....
Figo at a press conference in Tanzania (photo:

C.               World billionaire’s club
6.       Howard Buffet
An American billionaire visited Tanzania twice in less than a month? This is too good to be true but it is an immutable fact. See full story
Jump Buffet jump like a Maasai!

D.               The Royals (Prince & Princess)/politicians
7.       Saudi Arabian princess Haifa Bint AbdulAziz al Mogrin
 “It is unbelievable, I used to read about the Serengeti in various literatures but today I am overwhelmed from what I can see here” declared the princess.  Fortunately enough I was among the Saudi Tanzanian Youth Dialogue Forum delegate which took part earlier this year initiated by the princess and Tanzania parks. I had the pleasure to eat, sightsee, discuss with the princess and fellow delegates both from Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. It was a safari of a life time. Read more......
Exclusively Me and the Princess of Saudi Arabia in Arusha National Park!

8.       Japanese Prince Akishino and his lovely wife Princess Kito
July, 2014 the royal family had an impeccable experience in Tanzania by visiting Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park. Read more.......
Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu (MP) welcomes Prince Akishino and his wife Princess Kito from Japan at Manyara Airstrip ready for their visit to Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. (Photo: Pascal Shelutete)

9.       Former US President’s daughter  Chelsea Clinton
August 2013 the president’s daughter visited Tarangire National Park exploring  the beauty of the Park which is famous for a large collection of baobab trees, spectacular large mammal’s population and variety of bird species. Full story....
No ivory trade just a statue (Photo: TANAPA)

E.            Religion/Spiritual leaders
10.   The late Doctor Myles Munroe
In less than a month before his tragic death with wife and some delegates from his organization, this phenomenon public speaker and preacher had his final safari in Tanzania at Kilimanjaro National Park.

I have given you some inspirational role models and I hope you start parking for a life time safari experience in Tanzania. Karibu Tanzania!
Note: If you know any other global stars who have stepped their feet in Tanzania, please do not hesitate to keep us informed via the comment box.


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