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Kearsleys Travel and Tours, Tanzania's oldest

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'Beautiful Country,Feel the Friendship'.

Kearsleys, as it is more avidly known today, was established in 1948 with a vision to serve the foreign expatriates working in Tanganyika (Tanzania before independence) with a reliable and efficient travel and tourism services to meet their needs. Originally it was a fully owned subsidiary of J.W Kearsley (UK) Ltd., owned by Cory Brothers Ltd. and a member of Powell Duffryn Group. It changed hands in 1974, when it was sold to N.V. Patel & Brothers Ltd., a locally owned holding company with a wide interest in agriculture and agro- chemical industries, air and sea transportation and general trading. Since that date the management of the company has been passed to the local board of directors consisting entirely of Tanzanians who have admirably steered the company forward and developed it into a market leader in spite of the economic challenges it faced over the years.

Kearsleys at this juncture is the oldest operating tours and travel company in Tanzania and taking this legacy into consideration, we celebrated its 50th anniversary on 02nd December 1998 with jubilation and euphoria as it earmarked a significant milestone in our history of dedicated and matchless service to the people, general air transportation and tourism sectors in Tanzania. Today, as we’re now over 60 years into our operation, we are proud to say that Kearsleys has played a pivotal and a leading role in the development of air travel and tourism in Tanzania and has built an unrivaled reputation both locally and internationally serving its clients and the travelling public at large with unparalleled and reliable service levels.

With this strong historical past, the future looks promising and we at Kearsleys are very confident that our legacy will live on for years to come.
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Tanzania: Local Hotel Wins Top Global Fame (Singita Grumeti Reserve.

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'Beautiful Country,Feel the Friendship'.

Tanzania: Local Hotel Wins Top Global Fame. 

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The untouched wilderness of Singita Grumeti Reserves is located in northern Tanzania and forms part of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, on the western corridor of the Serengeti National Park – Africa’s No. 1 World Heritage Site. The word ‘Serengeti’ comes from the Masai word ‘Siringit’, which means ’the place where the land stretches to forever.”
The famous Great Migration, an annual trek of 2 million animals through the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, bisects our reserve annually. Called The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth it has, since time immemorial, been the dramatic backbone of this enormous wilderness.

The successes of conservation as well as diverse habitats have ensured that, since its inception in 2003, Singita Grumeti Reserves has a well-established resident game population that inhabit the area throughout the year. In addition to the annual wildebeest migration some notable highlights include: large mixed herds of impala, zebra, topi, eland, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelle. Good numbers of reedbuck, waterbuck, dik dik, klipspinger, oribi and Coke’s hartebeest are to be found and large breeding herds of buffalo, up to 400 strong, compliment the abundant small bachelor groups of bulls. Herds of elephants number up to 450 – concentrations seldom seen elsewhere in Africa.
Large carnivore regulars such as lion, hyena, cheetah and leopard top the predator pile while the smaller aardwolf, jackal, mongoose species, serval, caracal, civet, genet, porcupine, pangolin and aardvark top a total of about 70 mammal species found in the area.
The migration movements can expect to be witnessed in June, July and August as the herds move northwards. However, in September and October some large wildebeest herds remain, along with inflated numbers of topi, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle and eland - really the best time of year. In November, southbound wildebeest, returning from the Masai Mara in Kenya, move back into the reserves along with the onset of the first light rains followed by fresh new grazing.
Extra special year round highlights on the Grumeti River include the beautiful black and white Colobus monkeys. Continuing the special primate theme there is a chance to spot the world’s fasted primate – the rare Patas monkey, out in the open woodlands. A herd of Roan antelope can be seen as well.
For birders special endemic highlights include the Grey Crested Helmet-shrike, Fischer’s Lovebird, Rufus-Tailed Weaver, Karamoja Apalis and the Grey-breasted Spurfowl. They head up an impressive bird list of 400 species on the concession.
Each of Singita’s three Grumeti Reserve locations command a view of the renowned migratory route traversed annually by more than a million wildebeest, and the predators that lie in wait… The area is home to large herds of game that provide world-class photo opportunities all year round. Each of the lodges offer a unique experience: Singita Sasakwa Lodge positioned on Sasakwa Hill, presents dramatic, elevated views across the endless plains, Sabora Tented Camp celebrates flat open space as far as the eye can see and Faru Faru Lodge is tucked away in a diverse habitat.
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