Saturday, March 30, 2013

An International Exhibition kicks off in Mwanza one day before Easter.

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An international exhibitions kicked off today at the Gold Crest hotel. The exhibitions features four countries including India, Pakistan, Syria and the host country Tanzania. A couple of weeks a go, I posted on seasonal activities and outings and I thought exhibitions just sums things up. I happen to attend the grand opening today and I came up with this story that I think if your in Mwanza now you should plan to visit.

In general there are not many new things, though some did caught my attention. The stalls are well arranged and it is easy to access the entire place freely and in simplicity. The venue is also small that makes it far to easy to go around the exhibition in no time. It is more ideal for the ladies because many stuffs are for them though there is suits and shirts corner and other few stuffs for the gents.

The best thing here is that it creates such a buzz to get you enthusiastic about life. Since tomorrow is Eater it make you feel like you are searching for the eggs. I personally love the Syrian Restaurant, ooh yeah it is always a good time. The aroma and all those nice smell you will definitely pull a chair and get down to business, you know what I mean! And if it is about an item I will surely pick the water fountain. One thing that I didn't like is the lack of the welcome mood because there is no an information desk. Happy Easter Holiday!

So Syrian.

A killer bed cover, very crazy!

Just Eastern dresses.

Any girl would love this

Water fountains

Busy people

Shoes and more shoes

A demo for every one.

Women are highly favored

Black Bongo wallet

We love demos

out of words!

Finally at the Restaurant.

A map to locate the venue at the Gold Crest Hotel Mwanza, second floor and you are in the exhibition.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ruaha the largest national park in East Africa is on the verge of death due to global warming.

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It is so sad to learn about a place you once knew it for it magnificent breath taking scenery, that things will fall apart soon. The great Ruaha what will become of you? "Its 20 years since this problem started and despite the huge sums spent on research, look where we are now!" I quote that from Ruaha National Park blog. The first time I read the post I was so excited that at last there is some one who cares. To my surprise  it is more than a month now and people are not responding about it. I wonder why people don't even comment and give out their ideas on what could be the possible solution to revive the once known Ruaha the Great River. Ruaha river is found within the 23,000 square kilometres Ruaha National Park. It is refered as the best kept secret of East Africa, may be this is why the bad condition of the river is also not know to many. I wish everyone who loves Tanzania know how the wildlife and the entire nation depends on Ruaha. I wrote this poem to see if it would help. Note that am not a poet forgive my poem if it is not that melodious. 

From right Ruaha as it should be 1996 and left it is dry 2005.

The Great Ruaha River, what will become of you?

Ooh Ruaha, my life source
I cry of you Ruaha the great
I can't stand and watch your death
I mourn before your death comes

You shower me with joy
You protect me from death
You provide me with food
I mourn before your death comes

Am hippo your best friend
I sing, dance, play and give birth
I will die without your existence
I mourn before your death comes

Am the jungle king lion
I hunt what so ever I like
But your death is my death
I mourn before your death comes

As mischievous as I can be
You are what I can't do without
Greetings from Mr. Monkey
I mourn before your death comes

Am giraffe, the majestic one
I walk in pride, your the reason
I bow to worship as I drink
I mourn before your death comes

You speed the cycle of rain
You cool the park with moist
Am afraid, the Sun will kill us
I mourn before your death comes

Global warming, global warming
An International song without respect
You sing without taking measures
What will become of me, Ruaha?

You cut down trees and don't plant
Cultivation is beside me as I speak
Mdonya and others don't reach me
I sit and wonder, what has happen?

Poor me, I love you all
I need your protection as well
Take care of me and I'll respond
Sincerely, Ruaha the great.

Would you be kind this time and share your views and ideas to protest Ruaha and regain it title the great river! kindly comment or email your views here or donate here at Ruaha National Park

you might like to know more about Ruaha river via Sue Stolberger and the park at Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA).

Please read a poem about Legendary the late Taarab artist Bi. Kidude here: Yalaiti Leo na Kesho peponi. (Today and tomorrow in heaven)
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mpingo (Ebony) Passion Sculpture for award winning Tanzania tourism industry.

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Every good work deserves a recognition and an award is right to reward a job well done. In today's world there are lots of awards on various industries locally and internationally. I will endorse award winning tourism industry in Tanzania for 2013. This endorsement is through recognizable Awards Organizers, Travel Magazine and from other sources. Why am I writing this? It is because you deserve the best when in Tanzania. Karibu Bongo wants your visit to Tanzania to be the unforgettable experience ever, taking home memories to cherish forever.

I will use Mwandale Mwanyekwa's Passion Sculpture as a trophy for all the winners, let us call it a congratulation gift. I love this male Mpingo (Ebony) wood sculpture since it embrace and emphasis on doing what your passionate about. I believe Mwandale's passion for sculpturing and our winners achievement where due to their passion towards their work.

The Passion Trophy for the Winners designed by Mwandale Mwanyekwa

Alright let us take it from  here.
Safari Awards 2013
Starting with the Safari Awards 2013 winners. What is Safari Awards anyway? The Safari Awards have gone from strength to strength and are now in their fourth year. There are now over 20 categories, with awards including best cuisine, best ecological camp and best spa.
There are also the awards for the best properties in both East and Southern Africa, along with the overall Best Safari Property in Africa award.

The Winners for the 2013 Awards were announced in London, England on 30 January 2013. And here are top notches from Tanzania on different categories.

Best Safari property in Africa
Runner up: Singita Faru Faru lodge

Best Safari property in East Africa
Winner: Singita Faru Faru lodge

Best Safari Camp in Africa 
Winner: Lamai Serengeti 

Best Safari Accomodation Group in Africa
Third place: Asilia Africa (including the Rubondo Island Camp)

Best Safari Spa in Africa 
Runner up: Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Best Safari Cuisine in Africa
Runner up: Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Best Safari Guiding Team in Africa
Runner up: Jack's Camp Nomad Tanzania mobile safaris

From the Safari Awards 2013 Singita Faru Faru Lodge is obviously the overall winner from Tanzania.

Elle Uk Chic Shacks Awards 2013
ELLE’s idea of the perfect place to stay is small, simple, stylish and utterly unique. Whether it’s a £20 hut on the beach or a luxurious private villa, they have the romantic feel of a castaway’s island dwelling. And you often need to be in the know to find out about them. We call them chic shacks – and we've scoured the globe so that you can visit our favorites.

Tanzania's winner is the Greystoke Mahale a Nomad Tanzania property.

Trip Advicor Traveler's Choice Awards 2013

Best hotels in Tanzania
1. Essque Zalu Zanzibar.
2. Baraza Resort and Spa
3.Dongwe club
more.. winners

Other categories Trip Advisor Traveler's Awards 2013

Top 25 Hotels for Services in Tanzania ›
Top 15 Luxury Hotels in Tanzania ›
Top 25 Hotels in Africa ›
Top 25 Luxury Hotels in Africa ›

 Seven Star Global Luxury Awards 2013
Nominations for Seven Star Global Luxury Awards 2013. The Seven Star Global Luxury Awards came into being in order to, not only recognize, but also to set apart the extraordinary achievements in the Hospitality and Lifestyle sectors by bestowing upon them the Signum Virtutis – the seal of excellence.  Keep voting for your favorites now. Seven Star Global Luxury Award ›

World Travel Awards 2013.
The curtains are raised for the World Travel Awards 2013. It is time to nominate your favorite destination, airline and much more for the up coming night of awards, months ahead. Tanzania ( Zanzibar Beach) has made it only to Africa's leading Beach destination category in the nominations, which is not enough. I look up to you partner that you will be kind to nominate Tanzania in other categories that it has not make it. There are 9 new categories introduced this year such as Africa's leading romantic resort. The nominations closes on 31/03/2013

Note that there could be other awards out there that I didn't include because am not aware of their existence. Please be kind to inform us via comment with proper links, so that I can endorse them also. Make sure the awards were announced or are to be announced this year only. If there is room for nominations we would love to know too.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Safari Lager Nyama Choma Competitions Mwanza Finals at Furahisha grounds 2013.

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Last week I post on top 16 seasonal activities and outing you don't wanna miss in Tanzania and Nyama Choma (barbecued meat) competitions was included. Now lets explore deeper on Nyama Choma Competitions 2013. This finals took place at Furahisha grounds in Mwanza. I was the number one fanny since I arrive earlier than most people ha ha ha ha!

One thing before we dig a little deeper with the festival, the sponsor is the number one best beer of 2013 in Africa by the Institute of brewing and Distilling Africa. So I call this a win win festival. Not promoting the beer but I guess by the time your in Tanzania you will give it a try. Congratulations to Safari lager Tanzania.

The final 5 Nyama Choma competing bar, pub and Hotel included:
In no particular order
1. Lunara Hotel from Nyakato

Lunara Hotel

2. AR Pub from Nyegezi

AR Pub

3. Victoria Princess from Kirumba

Victoria Princess Bar and Pub

4.Gemstone Pub Nyegezi

Gemstone Pub

5. Shooters bar from Kirumba

Shooters Pub.

Honestly the competiton was a very nice one  I enjoyed so much. There was a panel of three judges who had to inspect and judge the competitors to make sure things went well and accordingly to standards. 

An advice from the chief Judge on the left.

What about a plate of Nyama Choma? You can't avoid this because it's what I come for in the first place.

You are welcome, it's Halal.

Are you in need of a drink ?

What's your flavor?

Live music was so available to keep the rhythm in style. While you have to  enjoy Nyama Choma and a drink of your choice but mostly best beer in Africa Safari Lager, music had to make the beat go on and create a mood. 

Dance to the beats.

A competition without audience and or fans is as good as dead. But Nyama Choma Competition in Mwanza was parked with a blast.

Lets enjoy people.

And now the moment You have been waiting for, to know the winner. Here the chief judge had to announce the winner of Safari Lager Nyama Choma Competition in Mwanza 2013. Along side the guest of honor and Safari Lager brand manager. The winner is ........ Victoria Princess from Kirumba

Victoria Princess Chef  showing grand prize of Tshs 1,000,000

The joy of winning.
So are you planning for the next year season of Nyama Choma Competitions? You can still catch up with the competition in Arusha on 24th March 2013. But if its impossible worry out there is always next time. Winners from other regions of Mbeya and Dar es salaam are Saigon Pub and Titanic Bar from Vingunguti respectively.

For more stories and photos of the Safari Lager Nyama Choma Competition Mwanza 2013 please check on our facebook page: Karibu Bongo and stay updated on twitter: @karibubongo

Do you like the competitions? If yes or not please drop your ideas on the comment box.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Top 16 seasonal activities and outings you don't wanna miss in Tanzania.

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Tanzania the land of Mountain Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Zanzibar. Yes it is an authentic wonderland, full of Natural blessings and friendly people. Do you know the seasonal activities and outings that are worthy while participating? Here are the top 16 that you should consider while in Tanzania. This will help you mix your safaristrip to the parks and games and end your experience by getting to know the local in the process during the events and activities. This emphasis our previous post on how to get to the climax of enjoyment when in Tanzania via tourism activities and sports.

1. Sauti za busara
Sauti za Busara, East Africa’s No. 1 festival brings people together in celebration of the richness and variety of African music. It takes place in Stone Town Zanzibar.  Centered within the ancient walls of The Old Fort, the main stage hosts three nights of non-stop live music, with the main program continuing Friday ‘til Sunday with performances from 5pm until 1am. Sauti za Busara features local and international artists across Africa and some other parts of the world. The month of the festival is mainly February where you got to celebrate Valentine's day. Named as among Africa's 10 best music festival by MSN AFRICA

2. Yatch Club Fishing Competition
Joining Dar es Salaam Yacht Club or Tanga Yatch Club is a simple matter, and you do not have to be a sailor to join, but it helps to enjoy the place. There are also the possibilities of fishing, scuba diving, swimming, sail boarding & kayaking. The sport fishing competition is on October in Tanga and monthly for Dar es salaam.

3. Swahili Fashion Week
Swahili Fashion Week is now THE platform for fashion and accessory designers from Swahili speaking countries and the African continent to showcase their talent, market their creativity and network with clientele and the international fashion industry. This is all aimed at emphasizing to the region that fashion is an income generating creative industry, meanwhile promoting a "Made in Africa" concept. It currently is the biggest and largest annual fashion event in the whole of East and Central Africa. This fashion week showcases on December.

4. Kilimanjaro Marathon
The Kilimanjaro marathon is run out of the town of Moshi, at the foot of this iconic mountain. This professionally organized IAAF approved race consists of a full marathon, half marathon and fun run. Set up by the organizers to grow sport and promote tourism in Tanzania, these races attract over 3200 runners from over 50 countries, and numbers are growing yearly.
Known as one of the most scenic races in the world, with Kilimanjaro's white peak looking over the runners as they run through both urban areas and rural farmland and villages, this is a must on all runners’ wish lists. March is the month of the competition. You register on February and race on March.

5. Fiesta
Fiesta Tanzania is the annual celebration of Bongo flava music, the festival brings in local flavor from local artists to international arts worldwide from such as Lil Kim, Ludacris, Ricky Ross and many others, you name them. Its evolves from the regional level and finally its gets to down town Dar es salaam to wind up the event. The finalizing festival happens on September most of times at Leaders Club ground.

6. Nyama Choma Competition (Meat Roasting)
It involves various cities and town such as Dar es salaam, Arusha, Mwanza and others. It’s a competition of roasting meat where the top five bars with the best roasted meat gets into regional final. Leaders Club grounds kinondoni gathers winners from Dar es salaam and there is where the fun at, you will enjoy the sweet aroma and the meat itself. It’s very delicious, March is its season. 

7. Miss Tanzania
Re-presenters for Miss World from Tanzania are prepared and nurtured here. It is among the very popular red carpet event in the country. The show acclaims International audience since it's prepared in an international manner. It features high performance from the pea-gentry themselves and from local and international artists. The event is carried on November.

8. Canoe Competition.
 Do you love water sports? Mwanza  got you covered on this. Come and compete in the largest lake in Africa, the lake Victoria canoe competition. If you have got the skills and the speed why not participating? Date and month of the competition is on October.

9. Goat Race.
It is the best for family day out, here there is a lot of family entertainment, kids corner and family picnic area. While the goats have to race you got to rest and enjoy the race. It is 13 years old now and it is held at Msasani Peninsula, on June. 

10. Miss Utalii (Tourism) Tanzania
The Pageants aims at promotion of tourism, culture and Investment of the world and the Nations, it also aims at promotion of Education, Health, Environments, Unite and Peace among Nations. Come and see the authentic beauties of Tanzania and at the same time enjoying the colorful event and meet new friends.

11. Rock City Marathon
Aims at promoting local tourism in Tanzania, but foreigners are warmly welcome to compete. This competition takes place in Mwanza, the home of Saa Nane Island National Park, the Lake Victoria and were the famous Nile Perch and Tilapia fish are much found. You will enjoy the magnificent rocky scenery and Tilapia for dinner. It’s Amazing. The marathon is mainly on October.

12. Tanzania Premier League.
It was started in 1965, the league consists of 14 teams playing a double round-robin. There are so many merging stars from Tanzania football so surely don't want to miss watching them kicking it like Messi and Ronaldo. The league takes off on September.

13. Wildebeest Migrations
The best time to see the migration is usually between June and August when the wildebeest congregate and prepare to cross the Grumeti River. However the route and timing of the migration is unpredictable so visitors must plan carefully to be assured of seeing the spectacle.
During the early wet season (December to April) the animals are found on the short grass plains around Lake Ndutu, the Moru Kopjes, the Gol Mountains and Seronera in the south of the park.

14. Darts Championship
This is for those who like indoor sports, its Darts Championship. Join the huge number of participating players from several regions across the country. Simply find a club in your region register and your already in the game.

15. Kili Music Awards
Here comes the Grammy Awards for Tanzania, its Kili Music Awards. This is a special night to honor the best musicians or artists in the country and across East Africa. Have you heard the sweet melodies from Tanzania? Its your chance to find out what Music means in Tanzania. All genres are included from coastal music known as Taarab to Bongo flava and so many more. The event is mostly held on April or May.

16. Mount Kilimanjaro hiking
There are so many reasons to climb to the roof of Africa, you name them. Here is the best season to hike to this 5895m standing mountain. Due to Mount Kilimanjaro's proximity to the equator, this region does not experience the extremes of winter and summer weather, but rather dry and wet seasons. Therefore, the best time to climb Kilimanjaro tends to be the warmest and driest months (see Kilimanjaro weather).

Additional  Activities and Outings In Tanzania from comments.

i. Whale shark watching
Whale shark season - October to March, Mafia Island. They are heavily present during that time in the Mafia Channel, outside the Marine Park on the West side. 

Do you know any seasonal activities and outing that you wish  to be included here? Please just add it to the comment box and will pull it here.
Worthy reading: How to reach climax enjoyment when in Tanzania via tourism activities and sports.

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