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14 best camps & lodges to stay in to see the great migrations in Serengeti.

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Most of times it is very frustrating when on travel and when it comes to the lodging issue. Here those who have travel agencies enjoy the minimum frustration, but when you don't have one you are screwed big time. In Tanzania for instance you are planning to see the world wonder of the greatest wildebeest migrations, you real need to know and mix the appropriate time and the perfect lodge or else you won't enjoy to the maximum. 

For any one interested to catch up with the wildlife life drama of a life time in the Serengeti plains, must have read great articles out there like this one when is the best time to see the great migration? By now you got the information and your aided with your travel agency  but your travel agency might not tell you where is the perfect camp in Serengeti to match up your safari schedule.

For you to catch up the best with the annual circular event of the great migration, you need to know the time you will be visiting and the events that unfold with it. Apart from that where to camp in that exactly month your visiting so that you will be able to see every thing you desired in the first place.

I compiled this information to inform you where exactly to camp, in the particular month your visiting. These camps and lodges are the frequently recommended by Safari experts. I have based on Tanzania since the migration is best watched on this side compared with Kenya. Most of these lodges and camps are award winning, and we have them in these list. In no particular order here are the best camps and lodges to catch up with the great migrations.

Olakira Camp vs Ndutu Safari Lodge
January and February, following the rains, the migration moves onto the Serengeti plains in the south, where the newborns graze along with the herds. This is also the time for the predators to fatten up. With thousands of young, it’s easy pickings for cheetahs and lions, and the hyenas make the most of this abundance of food by picking up what remains of the cats’ kills, as well as picking off their own fresh meals. At this time of year, being located in the Ndutu area will give you the best access to the migration.

Serena Safari Lodge vs Serengeti Under Canvas Camp
April is when the heavy rains set in and the migration begins moving through the Central Serengeti and towards the Western Serengeti, where the long grasses are new and the food is good. This is a beautiful time to travel: flowers cover the Central Serengeti and there are very few people around. However, it being the rainy season, you need to be prepared. Also, the roads get muddy, and therefore access to some of them may be limited. During this time, staying in the Ndutu or Seronera areas will put you in the right place for the migration.

Grumeti River Camp vs Kirawira Tented Camp
Arriving at the Western Corridor around June, the millions of grazers are forced to cross the Grumeti River. There is usually an unpredictable waiting period of one to two weeks as the animals prepare for the life-threatening crossing.
Ironically, it is usually the first animals that attempt to cross that are taken by the Grumeti crocodiles. The resident crocodiles feast as the long train of wildlife tries to cross unscathed.

Faru Faru River Lodge vs Sasakwa lodge
July is one of the most exciting months of the great migration as the herds move further into the Northern Serengeti and toward the Mara River. From here attention shifts north as the migration enters the private Grumeti Reserve, with a small portion splitting off and heading northeast, to the Lobo area.

Sayari Camp vs Lemala Luxury Camp
The best time to see the Serengeti migration is usually in this June to August period. In August the migration reaches the far northern area (ikorongo controlled). There are a few excellent camps in this area from which you can witness this natural phenomenon

Serengeti Migration Camp vs Suyan Camp
As the short rains begin in November, the migration moves quickly south towards the Loliondo area of the Serengeti. The Loliondo area is part of the much larger Serengeti ecosystem, and is on land owned by the Maasai. The area offers a great mix of resident game, and is excellent walking country, with dramatic scenery of open plains, rock kopjes, and woodlands.

Kusini or Southern Camp vs Ndutu Safari Lodges
As December nears, the migration settles on the short grass plains in the Southern Serengeti. At this time of year, the migration tends to stay around the Seronera and Ndutu area as Seronera provides a constant source of water for the herds. During December you have the privilege of seeing thousands of wildebeest and zebra gathering on the southern plains as the migration gets underway. This is great time to see a huge variety of game as the big cats follow the feast.


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