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Zanzibar's ten best places to be, see, and things to do.

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It is well know that it is real overwhelming to choose places to be, things to see and do when your on tour. Zanzibar can be very dramatic if you can't find your way to the very best that it can offer. That is why you need knowledge about the very intriguing places that worth being and take part. Karibu Bongo is dedicated to inform you on the ten best places, things to see and do while in Zanzibar to have a lifetime experience.

With the help from Zanzibar Travel and Tourism directory 2012/2013, we proudly announce the ten Zanzibar's best.

10.  Festivals! - Sauti za Busara, ZIFF, Jahazi & Mwaka Kogwa
Get into the groove at one of the the Zanzibar's three largest annual festivals - Sauti za Busara (Sounds of  Wisdom). the Music festival takes place in February, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds in celebration of African music. Sauti za Busara is the fusion of old and new, classic and contemporary like historic Zanzibar itself. The festival is a magical meeting place, a melting casserole of diverse cultures, styles and visions - where town meets country, young greets ild. The ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries, East Africa's largest cultural event and takes place each June/July. It is a hotbed of activities, with cinema, music, performing arts, literature and exhibitions across the island. Mwaka Kogwa, also in July, celebrates Shirazi new year in Style and is not to be missed.

9. Take a local cooking class
Learn to cook traditional Swahili food and wow your friends with your culinary expertise when you get home. There's no better way to get to know culture than learning how to cook a traditional meal - and there are plenty of opportunities to learn in Zanzibar. Organized by most tour companies, local cooking classes offer an authentic experience for those wishing to get down and dirty in real Zanzibar kitchen. These hands on lessons are a great way to meet local people and try out your Swahili.

8. Swim with Dolphins
If your looking for unforgettable experience, head south to Kizimkazi and go swimming with the dolphins. About an hour's drive from Stone Town, Kizimkazi is the place for dolphins sightings, home to both humpback and bottle-nose dolphins on your trip, they are sighted on 90% of excursions, so make sure you have your camera ready. There are several tour operators who can arrange dolphin excursions, but it is important to make sure that the tour operator follows the guidelines for responsible dolphin viewing, set in place by the Institute of Marine Science. The dolphins, lovely and wild as they are, won't hang about when four motorboats are roaring excitedly towards them.

7. Ngezi forest 
The Ngezi forest reserve is located on the northwestern corner of Pemba Island. It is the only large patch of tropical forest of Pemba that once covered the entire island. Ngezi Forest, with an area of about 30 km square, is also one of the few areas maintain population of indigenous and endemic forest and animal species, many of which are in danger of extinction. Ngezi can be accessed by road from Konde on the new road that stretches along the villages on the eastern side of Pemba. A fantastic way to see the forest is by bicycle. The forest opens up on the east to Vumawimbi Beach, an isolated and untouched stretch  of beach that will make you feel you  are the only person in the world.

6. Misali Island 
The island of Misali, 17km off the west coast of Chake Chake, is one of the Pemba highlights, offering idyllic beaches, nature trails for spotting flying foxes (bats), good snorkeling and superb diving. It is also has a touch of historical romance, as the legendary pirate Captain Kidd is said to have buried his treasury here. Misali's real treasury is its rich ecosystem, which boasts 42 types of coral , over three hundred species of fish, a rare subspecies of vervet monkey, endangered colonies of flying foxes, nesting sites for green and hawksbill turtles, and a large if rarely seen population of nocturnal coconut crabs.

5. Unwind on the beach 
Need to soothe your soul? Then Zanzibar's Beaches are the place to relax, unwind and breath in new life. After a lengthy safari there is no better way to end your holiday than on the white, blissful beaches of Zanzibar, lazing away, sipping cocktails and living the island paradise dream. Zanzibar has miles of beautiful and unspoiled beaches just waiting to be enjoyed. There are more than 30 beaches in Zanzibar with some of them so isolated, time has literally stood still. Some are so peaceful and remote that the only noise breaking the silence is likely to be the ocean. read more

4. Snorkeling at Mnemba Atoll
Recently declared a marine conservation area, Mnemba Island is acoral atoll, surrounded by thriving, vibrant reefs and the crystal clear Indian Ocean. The waters are teeming with an overwhelming number of beautiful tropical reef fish, and a wealth of marine creatures, from the majestic whale shark to rare gem-like species of nudibranchs. Large pelagic creature can often be seen passing by in the blue, and green turtles graze peaceably amongst the head of plate and honeycomb corals. A resident pod of curious bottle-nosed dolphins offer the chance for visitors to interact with these splendid marine mammals in natural and spontaneous environment.

3. Dinner at Forodhani
When it comes to street food, no visit to Zanzibar is complete without experiencing the Forodhani night market in Stone Town. In the late afternoon, the waterfront opposite the House of Wonders becomes a hive of activity as traders prepare for the busynnight ahead. Trestles tables are set up, charcoal braziers coaxed into life, vegetables sliced and cubes of meat and fish skewered onto long kebab sticks. Just before sunset, when the first hungry visitors begin to arrive, tables are laden with rows of lobster tails, prawns, squid, kingfish, marlin and tuna. The fresh seafood is accompanied by towers of spicy naan bread and chapatis, meat kebabs,samosas, and fried potato balls.

2. Pange Sandbank
Nothing is more exciting than becoming a cast- away for the day on one of the most beautiful sandbanks that surround the island. Powder white sands, clear blue skies and the Indian Ocean in an array of colors surround you with the hush of waves gently lapping against the shore. Only a 20 minute boat trip from Stone Town, the sandbank is a perfect spot for snorkeling the calm and shallow waters are home to enormous array of coral and tropical reef fish, such as clown-fish, parrot-fish, Moorish idol and many more. 

1. Stone Town Tour.
Zanzibar's Stone Town is a recognized UNESCO world Heritage Site, and the setting for a long and winding history. It was in Stone Town that sultans lived, princesses loved and slaves were bought and sold. Stone Town is also patchwork of architectural styles originating along the Swahili Coast, Arabia, Asia and beyond. It is through these beautiful buildings and along the narrow streets that a stone town tour will teach you of the Island's rich blend of cultures and fascinating history.

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