Monday, March 24, 2014

The magic behind the Maasai colorful attires (Shuka).

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If you are such a fashion fanatic or lover you might if not must read or watched Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2012. Am talking about the Maasai shuka, the fashion runway was colorful than never before this is my on opinion. The inspiration behind was from East African one of a kind Maasai tribe which are mainly found in Tanzania and Kenya.

If you have ever visited Tanzania you must have seen these magnificent group of people in there local settings or residence. Ngorongoro Conservation Area offers you 100% chance to meet, see and learn one, or two things from the Maasai, because they dwell with their livestock in the area. Hopeful you know how they dress super colorful in there shukas. If you you haven't visited Tanzania and have no clue about the Maasai, here is part of their rich tradition and basically I will show you how they rock in their traditional attires. The traditional way Maasai shuka is simply draped around the body but you can do it your own way and rock it! You can learn from my photos below.

Me on the left and A Maasai I met at 4 season hotel earlier this year.

Make a jacket out of the Maasai Shuka  

Drape it like you got no time.

Make a suite 

Let it flow like a pony tail.

Tie a knot and relax
Green is the color of life

Energize yourself with the colors and lough out loud

Show it like you mean it.

See you next time


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