Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The wow point at Ngorongoro Conservation Area

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Have you have been told something and you couldn't agree, until it hits you so hard till you see stars? That happened to a friend when we where at Ngorongoro. Our tour guide informed as that we were at the famous wow point in Ngorongoro, and my friend asked what was that suppose to mean. The guide said that who ever gets here must go woooooooooow in astonishment. My friend said that was crazy, 2 minutes after stepping out of the vehicle he was freaked out and went on woooooooooooow supported by everyone else  around.

Me on the right facing the camera with a friend.
Don't ever forget your binoculars when you visit Ngorongoro because you'll definitely miss out the exciting moments at the wow points. I dare say you will be blown away and wish to pend your time there just admiring the scenery. 
If you have never been to Ngorongoro you are missing out the mesmerizing features that will transport you to Eden Garden experience. Welcome to Tanzania my friend.


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