Friday, June 14, 2013

Morogoro: The calmness at the foot of Uluguru Mountains.

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Do you know the Eastern Arch Mountain Range? If you don't, here is the remainder. Today I'll take you to "Mji kasoro bahari" a city without an ocean. Am talking about Morogoro, a town located at the slopes of Uluguru mountains among the Eastern Arch Mountain Range. I have been at this place for a short business endeavor but I come to love the calmness of this town.

This time I will let the photos talk to you although they are not the best shoot, I hope you'll bear with me. WATCH-OUT! a new surprise coming your way, just in-case you want to know what was this meeting all about. That is reserved for next time but about the hotel I won't be stingy! The hotel you see in the photos is Morogoro Hotel, the best thing I like about it is the magical view of the Uluguru mountains and the calm surroundings. I believe those how love to meditate this hotel is just the place to be.

Busy roads (clean and calm)

Arawa on a motorbike

Ukombozi (Freedom) keep left

Looks like nobody exists 

Simply clean

A welcome avenue


Note the mountains

The way down to the garden

A little bit of water party

Note the Sun bursting the mountains

Arawa and Mr. Bhavesh Jani

One of those buildings

Simply townish

busy bus station

People in the making
That's all for the day I hope you learnt at least a thing and enjoyed what Morogoro has to offer.


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