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2011 Young Global Leader Susan Mashibe is the princess from Saa Nane Island National Park.

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Did you know that Susan Mashabe's great grand father Mzee Saa Nane Chawandi was the sole owner of the now Saa Nane Island National Park?
This is according to Suzan's testimony and Amazing Tanzania Tours.

It is confirmed that Saa Nane Island brought Susan Mashibe into her present spotlight life. You probably must be wondering what is Saa Nane Island and what has it got to do with her? And who is Susan Mashibe anyway?

Let us take it from here:

Saa Nane Island National Park is a small wildlife sanctuary of only 0.5km sq size. It is situated on rocky Island in Lake Victoria. It is described as the first national park in the city. It will only take you 15 minutes through a boat ride to get there if you are in Mwanza City Center.
It is a home to Impala, rock hyrax, vervet monkeys, wild cats, claw-less otters and many other wild animals.

Saa Nane Island National Park

It was named after the Mzee Saa Nane Chiwandi who was the owner of the Island. In 1964 it became the first ever zoo in Tanzania.
Read more about Saa Nane Island National Park here: Amazing Tanzania Tours.

Who is Susan Mashibe
Young Tanzanian woman who is Biz Av Enthusiast as how she describes her self @iMashibe. She is the Founder and Executive Director of VIA Aviation & World Economic Forum 2011 Young Global Leader. Isn't she amazing! She is featured on Forbes as Emerging Global Women Entrepreneur, not to mention women4Africa, Women'sForum and many others.

CEO of  VIA Aviation Miss Susan Mashibe

My first if not early encounter was when she appeared as the cover girl on Fema Magazine.

The coordination between Saa Nane and Suzan Mashibe is that, This young Iron woman's ancestors happened to live there. It is her roots.
She claims that her Great grand father Mr. or Mzee Saa Nane lived there and her mother was born there as well. It was so until when Tanzania decided to take the island and make it the first ever zoo in 1964. 

The conversation I personally had with her on tweeter says it all.

She disclosed via direct message on tweeter that " glad to hear that. I am also very happy that you tweeted about Sanane Island. That is where my roots are from. I am a Sanane upande wa mama".

My personal view of the scenario pushes me to say that Tanzania (Tanapa) should think of making this young global leader the Official Ambassador of Saa Nane National Park. She is worthy it! 
Suzan Mashibe Complete Profile: ZoomInfo
Linked in profile : Suzan Mashibe


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