Monday, September 10, 2012

How to marry in Four days in Tanzania (Bongo Marriage).

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 In general, traditional marriage customs vary by ethnic group. The practice of clan exogamy—or marriage outside of the clan or group—is typical, however, of almost all ethnic groups. Traditional customs call for marriages to be arranged by the parents of the bride and groom, although such arrangements are becoming less common, particularly in urban settings. 

In patrilineal ethnic groups (those in which descent is traced through males), traditional marriage customs often include the presentation of a dowry or bride price to the wife's family by the bridegroom. The dowry may include livestock, money, clothing, locally brewed beer, and other items. The amount of the dowry is determined through negotiations between the families of the engaged. 

Preparations for marriage may take months. For those wealthy enough to afford it, marriage may include a separate dowry ceremony and, several months later, a church wedding followed by traditional ceremonies. Although many ethnic groups and Muslims allow polygyny (having more than one wife), the practice is decreasing in popularity, in part because of the influence of Christianity and the expense of maintaining several households.
Domestic Unit. 
Foreigners must consider the following if they want to marry in Tanzania.

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Bride groom and the Bride

Flower girl and escorting mate

It might be you!

The wonderful Roast Goat aka Chagga traditional Cake called  " Ndafu"

Local brew from Chagga called Mbege

We are good to go!
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