Saturday, April 5, 2014

The fear factor at Meserani Snake Park.

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In  1999 was the first time I visited Meserani Snake Park. It was a school study tour, and by that time I was in class three (3). We took off to Manyara National Park and on our way back to school is when we had to stop and visit the snake park. Watching snakes in their cages was cool but touching the non - venomous snake was freaking crazy. I couldn't dare! Well there were other activities like camel back riding and greeting some Maasai who were hanging around. By that time Maasai cultural museum was out of the picture, I congratulate the park management for establishing one.

This is how my second time visit of 29/03/2014 looks like in the picture. Accidentally I forgot the names of these awesome creatures.

This is how I let go of my fears.

Inside the Maasai Cultural Museum. The below are models and not real Maasai


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